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I am Ana. I was born in Rio, Brazil, and came to live in Italy many years ago when I married my husband who is Italian. I’ve been living here since then, with frequent visits to my family in Brazil and many trips abroad.

Sorry for my English mistakes. I write in English because I love this language and believe it is the most known worldwide.

My passion for cooking was born sometime after I came to live in Italy. At the beginning, it was not easy, as all Italian women seem to be excellent chefs and I felt a little bit embarrassed compared to them. After some years I began to find my own voice in the kitchen – that is nor Brazilian nor Italian, but a mix of everything I happen to taste and like.

This blog is dedicated to other women like me, that loves to do a lot of things and also want to cook interesting meals for the own family. I am not a chef and it is not in my plans. I believe one can cook simple and easy recipes with great pleasure without having to be a professional. The recipes I share here are all tested and are the ones I like to prepare for my family and friends.

What did I do: I graduated in Economics, I pos-graduated in Enogastronomy, I am a Mensa member and I am certified as an Energy Manager.

What do I believe in? In ourselves. Some years ago I did a tattoo with my children that express our belief.

Stay hungry, stay foolish

What do I like? I like to eat, drink, travel, photograph, I love our dogs (Yoko & Linda),

I love to travel, I love to connect with people from other parts of the world and I love to cook. And I love to love all this surrounded by my family <3

Thank you for being here.

You are so welcome to share your thoughts, ask questions and what else. I’d love to hear from you.