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Banana Booo – A Halloween idea


Banana booooo!!! Well, my children are grown but the child inside me is still alive :-)!

Halloween became a worldwide known holiday and, even if I do not prepare anything special for this day. These are treats that go well for children but also for adults.

It is a last minute idea, that can be done in little time. It is also a healthy idea, as we are talking about fresh bananas with some chocolate chips as eyes.

If you have children coming home all of a sudden, or if you didn’t know your children had to take some treats to a party, these banana boos can be your solution ;-). Check also the chocolate witch brooms.

banana banana


  • bananas
  • chocolate chips


  1. Peel the bananas and cut them not exactly in the middle, but at a point you can have the “look at me” effect.
  2. Take some chocolate chips and carefully insere on where eyes should be.
  3. Prepare them short before serving to avoid bananas geting dark.
  4. Happy Halloween!

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