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Chocolate witch brooms

scope da strega di cioccolato

These chocolate witch brooms  are treats that go well for children but also for adults. They’re healthy (I used only dark chocolate to prepare the brooms) and can be a silly cute thing to have fun amongst friends.

Together with the banana boos, these witch brooms are a cute idea for Halloween.

The chocolate witch brooms need alluminium molds (the paper ones would fall down with the weight of melted chocolate) on which you will carefully insere a toothpick, and then fix it on a surface that can hold them up (I tried with a paper box and it didn’t work. So I rushed into the fridge and found a cheese package that solved my problem!).

Melt the chocolate and fill the molds, taking care of “opening” some of them to give the shape of a broom, and let them cold.

chocolate witch brooms chocolate witch brooms


  • chocolate (I used dark)


  1. Take each alluminum mold and open it lightly to resemble a broom.
  2. Insert a toothpick carefully and then hold the toothpick fixing it on a piece of cheese, for example. A place that can hold the toothpick up while chocolate solidifies.
  3. Melt chocolate on bain-marie or using microwave.
  4. Carefully fill the molds keeping them in right position as you can.
  5. Let the chocolate solidify or, if in a hurry, put it in the fridge (carefully keeping the brooms at stand position).
  6. When done, put them face down, having your brooms ready to be served.
  7. Happy Halloween!!!

chocolate witch brooms chocolate witch brooms chocolate witch brooms chocolate witch brooms chocolate witch brooms

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