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Crispy smashed potatoes

crispy smashed potatoes

I saw these crispy smashed potatoes many times on Internet. I’ve been postponing them as I was not sure what recipe I should prepare – at the end I invented it by myself.

I had seen these crispy smashed potatoes on a Bon Apetit video, and they were very inviting. But the recipe was a little bit far from our taste, with too much garlic and strong dressings that we are not used to.

That’s how I came up with this familiar version a little bit more Mediterranean and surely lighter version.

Ingredients (4):

  • 8 small potatoes
  • dried garlic
  • dried onions
  • dried herbs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • grated Parmesan cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil


  1. Wash the potatoes well keeping the peel.
  2. Put them in a pan and cover with water. Add salt to the water.
  3. Turn on the gas and cook them until done, but still entire.
  4. Take them out of the pan and let them cool a while.
  5. Turn on the oven 200/220°C-392/428°F.
  6. Cover an oven pan with parchment paper and distribute the potatoes on it leaving some distance between them.
  7. Using the flat bottom of a glass (do not use the potato masher as the result won’t be the same) smash carefully each potato opening them but leaving them still entire.
  8. Dress them to taste with salt, pepper, dried garlic and onion, herbs, grated cheese, and extra virgin olive oil.
  9. Bake them until cheese melts and colors.
  10. Buon appetito!

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