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Different Caprese salad

different caprese salad

To prepare a different Caprese salad you will need just 2 (simple) ingredients more, and you will be delighted.

I first tried this different Caprese salad at Jazz Harbour, in Olbia, Italy. I liked it so much that I have prepared it more times at home. More than a real recipe, it is an excellent idea, as its taste increases a lot.

This advice works for all recipes, but especially for these that are eaten raw with no cooking at all: the quality of the ingredients you use is fundamental for your recipe’s success.

So please use good quality Italian mozzarella, so as mature and good tasting tomatoes and a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that will enhance the flavors of your dish. Anchovies and black olives paste will add a strong touch to this evergreen salad.


  • Italian fresh mozzarella
  • tomatoes
  • fresh basil leaves
  • salt
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • anchovies
  • black olives paste


  1. Wash well the tomatoes and cut them in halves or quarters, depending on their type and size.
  2. Cut mozzarella in small cubes and carefully wash basil leaves.
  3. Place them on a serving dish, add salt, basil leaves and a generous thread of extra virgin olive oil. Complete the dish adding anchovy fillets and small portions of black olives paste along with the dish.
  4. Serve and…
  5. Buon appetito!



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