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Easy Smoked Salmon Appetizer (Not Only) For Christmas

easy smoked salmon appetizer

This easy smoked salmon appetizer is not quite a recipe, but a good (in both senses) idea. It is pretty simple and quick to prepare and pleases all tastes.

I prepared it for the first time this Summertime as a no time snack (just left it into the fridge) – needless to say there were no leftovers.

I prepared it a couple of times to take to the beach as picnic, as it is easy to transport and to serve, being the real finger food.

You just need 3 ingredients: sandwich loaf, smoked salmon and cream cheese. The trick is to roll out the bread slice with a rolling pin. It will change the consistence of the bread and make it thinner. Then just spread cream cheese, add the smoked salmon slices and enroll it on itself. Cover with plastic wrap and keep in fridge for a couple of hours and cut in slices before serving.

Easy, no? In this video I prepare it. Yes, I am talking in Italian, but you can see the process.

Clicking here you can see the video (in Italian).

  • sandwich loaf
  • cream cheese
  • smoked salmon
  1. Roll out the bread slices using a rolling pin.
  2. Spread cream cheese on each slice.
  3. Add smoked salmon slices and enroll each slice on itself.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest in fridge for a couple of hours.
  5. Slice using a sharp knife before serving.
  6. Buon appetito!

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