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Savory cheese cake

I fell in love with this savory cheese cake at first sight. I found it on the delightful blog Carlotta e il Bassotto, which has inspired me several times (stuffed zucchini flowers and the beautiful phyllo pasta breadsticks are just 2 examples). The author is very kind and teaches cooking classes in Switzerland. This recipe is of an amazingly ease and quick to prepare. Today I literally prepared it in just a few minutes and then put it in the oven with the automatic switch-off timer. Perfect! The ingredients have a synergistic effect, that is, the result is much more than the simple sum of the individual ingredients. This savory cheese cake is a delicate and tasty savory cake at the same time, which is widely appreciated by your guests, I guarantee it. Ingredients: 8.8 oz ricotta cheese 8.8 oz mascarpone cheese 3 eggs 1  teaspoon of salt 4.2 grated Parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon of grain mustard about 1 tablespoon of chopped rosemary and sage (minced with a knife) salt pepper Preparation: Turn on the oven at 356 ° F. Line a pan with removable edges of about 7 in in diameter with parchment paper. Mix all the ingredients with […]

Velvety pumpkin soup

This velvety pumpkin soup is a great alternative to the pumpkin soup I published last year. Without taking anything away from cauliflower that has dominated our table for a few winters (have you ever tried baked cauliflower or cauliflower steaks?), since last year I have been in love with pumpkin, there is nothing to do. I am able to eat a whole pan of baked pumpkin with feta, just as I love this pumpkin soup. It is truly velvety, not just in name. I was used to only one type of pumpkin, but which became very soggy when baked and overly sweet. Then I finally started to find different types (maybe I had never really looked for them) and here we are to praise the delights of this … fruit. Like tomato, although we use it as a vegetable, pumpkin is also a fruit. This soup is very good if you use Japanese squash or dark-skinned ones. The recipe is of a disconcerting easiness. Ingredients (for 4): 35.2 oz pumpkin already peeled and cut into squares 1 leek 40.5 fl oz vegetable broth extra virgin olive oil nutmeg salt pepper a handful of toasted almonds parsley Preparation: Put the oil […]

Gourgères – delicious cheese puffs

The gourgères are, for me, the French version of our beloved Brazilian pão de queljo. They are not the same, but they are very tasty the same. I had seen this recipe on Saveur and I have prepared it several times. Each time I have found it very easy and fast. And they come perfect. The original recipe calls for gruyère cheese, but I admit that I have always prepared them with grated Grana. I promise that I will update this post if I do it with the gruyere cheese. The recipe is very similar to that of cream puffs, choux pastry. But I’m not saying this to intimidate you, as I said earlier, it’s bafflingly easy to do. I must apologize because I always forget to count how many come with this recipe. However, they are 2 flat oven pans and it is probably to have some leftover. Don’t worry that they will be consumed anyway later, at room temperature or heated (they are always excellent). The gourgères are perfect for an aperitif as soon as they come out of the oven but, as mentioned before, they are also good at room temperature and become so perfect to take […]

Crusted salmon

Crusted salmon is a classic, I have prepared it several times over the years. But this one has the extra ingredient that, in my opinion, makes a lot of difference. The robiola cheese. Wisely mixed with chives, it gives this combination (salmon and puff pastry), already delicious by itself, an additional plus in taste. I found the interesting recipe for this crusted salmon in Francesca Barra’s Instagram profile (@ francescabarra1). This Christmas I made this recipe three times. The simplicity and easiness of execution makes this recipe one of those to be prepared by young as well. The most “difficult” thing is to spread the robiola on the salmon fillet. However, I would like to give you a piece of advice to make this delicious dish even easier for you: ask the fish vendor to remove the skin from the salmon for you. At home it is doable, but if you are not practical, during other preparations, it can be a boring thing. And who was thinking about not to take it off, let me tell you that last year I practically ruined my daughter’s salmon for dinner because, I don’t even know how, I forgot to take the skin […]

Pine cone cheese appetizer

I had been keeping an eye on these pine cone cheese appetizer for a few years. They were always on my first list of appetizers to do for Christmas, but then, if it happens to you like me, if you have a list of 20 things to make then 5, you end up putting it off to the following year.This year I made them … twice! My son and my daughter-in-law returned from Brazil and we had a lunch that brought together several occasions – and we repeated holiday menus. And as we ate all the cheese cones both times, I decided to publish them right away, also because I don’t think it’s an exclusively Christmas appetizer. We serve them accompanied by different types of bread and everyone chose how to eat it. You can add crackers, carasau bread, sliced and toasted white bread, etc. Use your imagination. I found this recipe in the LivingLocurto blog, and I changed a little bit, as I decreased the amount of mayonnaise and omitted the dill because I can’t find it easily and I must admit that I didn’t miss it. Ingredients: 8.82 oz Philadelphia (or other cream cheese) 2.82 oz light mayonnaise […]

Crunchy breadsticks with herbs and phyllo pastry

Ever since I saw these crunchy breadsticks I couldn’t wait to try them. And the wait was rewarded. I saw them at Carlotta e i bassotto, a blog who inspired me several times (like stuffed zucchini flowers). It is a fantastic recipe. Very easy to prepare and with a result that exceeds expectations. I made them for dinner on Christmas Eve and ate them freshly made. But, as I think for many of you, I have prepared too many things and some have advanced. So I reheated them the next day and they were crunchy again. The last one left I ate in the afternoon as a snack. Simply delicious, as well as very beautiful (anyone who knows me knows how much I like beautiful food). Choose aromatic herbs that you like and don’t overdo the quantity. Put as much as you see in the photos, because their flavor is enhanced and you feel it well mixed with the delicate one of the phyllo pasta. My oven is 60cm wide, so I divided each sheet of phyllo dough in half widthwise, otherwise the breadsticks wouldn’t fit on the dripping pan. If you have a 90cm oven and want breadsticks even […]

Salmon with light teriaki sauce

This salmon with light teriaki sauce made it to our list of recipes with salmon. I don’t know which one we like best, let’s say that we alternate with periods in which we prepare almost only the salmon with bread crust, and then fix ourselves with the salmon with citrus sauce or the one with the cherry tomatoes. This sauce here is not the original teriaki, but a simplification that includes a few ingredients within everyone’s reach: soy sauce, organic lemon and ginger. The result is one of those where you no longer recognize the individual ingredients, but the palate is surprised with a new taste that comes from the mixture of just three simple ingredients. Salmon melts in your mouth, plus it doesn’t smell at all while cooking. You can accompany this salmon with light teriaki sauce with grilled zucchini, the usual but infallible potatoes, maybe even in the form of mashed potatoes. Ingredients (x2): 14 oz of salmon fillet about 2.3 fl oz of soy sauce (I choose the one with a little salt) about 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger grated zest of half a lemon Preparation: Put the soy sauce, lemon zest and grated ginger in […]

Zucchini and cheese soufflé

This zucchini and cheese souffle is easy to make and delicious. I had this recipe set aside for some time, and I finally tried it. I liked it so much that I’ve already prepared it three times lately. I had put aside this recipe that I had found on Internet some time ago, such a long time because I had even printed it. I don’t know which site I’m talking about and, in any case, I changed it so much that it almost became a new recipe. I changed the recipe for this zucchini and cheese soufflé because I am now following the Zone diet and so I have calibrated it for the right amounts of protein, but also because I often find recipes that are too loaded, too seasoned for my taste. And this is one of them. The original included 225 g of Gruyere cheese, but it seemed a little too much to me – I assure you that the 100 g of grated Parmesan do their job right.   Ingredients (for 4 ramekins of 6 oz): oil for greasing the ramekins 1 onion 1 clove of garlic 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds (optional) 2 medium-small zucchini 3 […]

Ricotta cheese soup

A ricotta cheese soup? I love ricotta cheese and I had never heard of it. The reason behind my blog and my desire to cook is my curiosity. Watching the Cracco series (Dinner Club), during an episode where he was in Maremma, they talked about … ricotta cheese soup. The idea didn’t come out of my head until I went searching for more information and so I found several recipes on the Internet. This one that I publish here is mine, the one that came out reading different recipes and adapting them to my taste. Consider it is a simple dish and that quantities are indicative. Don’t waste time weighing the ingredients too seriously. My husband loved it and I confess that I am preparing it once a week in this period. The original recipe uses sheep milk ricotta cheese, but I prefer the cow’s milk. Therefore in the list of ingredients I write only ricotta cheese, thus leaving you free to decide which type to use. Try it. This ricotta cheese soup is one of those recipes that seem strange to you at first – it happened to me like this – and then you’ll fall in love with […]

Pumpkin and feta cheese

Pumpkin and feta cheese, my craze this fall. With the usual seasonal cauliflower and broccoli on hold, I’m delighting our palate with this new, unusual yet delicious pairing. The pumpkin sweet taste goes perfectly with the acidity of the feta cheese, and I assure you that you will not regret trying this recipe. I found it on Tavolartegusto  blog and the only note would be to be careful about the type of pumpkin used. I’m not an expert, but I know I don’t like the very orange one, more popular let’s say, because it’s easier to find in any supermarket. When baked it gets very mushy and we don’t like it. Those with hard skin are the best. This recipe is extremely easy, and is ready in just over half an hour, if we don’t count the time to cut and peel the pumpkin 😉 Ingredients (x2): 17.6 oz of pumpkin already cleaned and cut into 1/2 in slices 3.5 oz of feta cheese a sprig of rosemary salt pepper extra virgin olive oil Preparation: Preheat the oven at 200 ° C and line an oven flat pan with parchment paper. Peel and cut the pumpkin into slices of about […]