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Locatelli’s focaccia (no knead)

locatelli focaccia

I decided to prepare Locatelli’s focaccia because he is a sympathetic chef. I’ve been following him on Italian Masterchef and felt like preparing his recipe – also because it is pretty simple and quick to prepare, considering there’s leavening involved.

I’ve found this Locatelli’s focaccia on La Pancia del Lupo blog. I adapted it to the flours I had at home and even if I prepared all the brine, I used only half of it because, as you may know if you have already read some other recipes here, I am the one who put breaks on when faces too much fat or sugar. On the recipe below I wrote the quantities I used.

Suggestion: it’s simply fantastic served with mortadella mousse.


  • 2 cups flour 1 (all purpose flour less refined)
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 cups water (consider you may need some Tbsp more)
  • 0.2 oz baker’s yeast
  • 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (plus per greasing)
  • 1 3/4 tsp salt

for the brine:

  • 0.68 fl.oz. water
  • 0.65 fl.oz extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tsp salt


  1. Warm lightly the water and melt the baker’s yeast in it. Add the 2 Tbsp oil and mix.
  2. Put the flours into the mixer bowl (or any bowl if you make it manually with a wood spoon) and add the water mixture. With the K hook mix it until well combined. Add little water Tbsp by Tbsp if needed. You should have a very soft dough.
  3. Grease lightly the dough surface and cover with a kitchen towel. Let it rest 10 minutes.
  4. Grease abundantly a 7.8 x 11.8 in. flat pan.
  5. In a marmellade vase put together the brine ingredients. Close it and shake vigorously to emulsionate it.
  6. Grease your heands and roll out the dough gently covering the whole pan.
  7. Cover the dough with a kitchen cloth and let it rest 20 min.
  8. Shake the brine once again.
  9. Grease your hands again and, using your fingertips, create dimples on the dough. Gently spread the brine over it.
  10. Let it rest 20 minutes more and turn on the oven 428°F / 220°C.
  11. Bake for 20/30 min or until surface is golden.
  12. Buon appetito!

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