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An exquisite brittle with pistachio recipe

pistachio recipe

As soon as I saw this brittle with pistachio recipe I ran to the kitchen to prepare it. I love beautiful food and, especially, when it is simple and quick to prepare.

Pistachio is a delicacy by itself, and served as a brittle is just… irresistible.

It is really simple to prepare and it is a great idea for a gift, as it is pretty beautiful and special because of the pistachio.

I prepared this pistachio brittle recipe last Spring, but it is a recipe that has no season and fits any occasion. I found it on the great Italian blog Trattoria da Martina.

It is the kind of recipe I like to prepare when I am invited to dinner and want to present my guests with a sweet recipe; as it is enough to prepare it a couple of hours before dinner time.

  • 0.33 lbs of unshelled pistachio (nor salted nor toasted)
  • 0.33 lbs of sugar
  • 1 Tbsp of water
  • ½ Tbsp of lemon juice
  1. Prepare a sheet of parchment paper on a hot resistant surface.
  2. Oil a silicone spatula.
  3. In a steel pan put together the sugar, water and lemon juice and cook with medium gas until the sugar began to brown and caramelize.
  4. Add the pistachio, mix it all quickly, turn off the gas and pour it on the parchment paper, helping yourself with the silicone oiled spatula.
  5. Add another sheet of parchment paper and,using a rolling pin, level the brittle to 0,5cm/0.2in of thickness.
  6. Let it cool and,before it cools completely, using an oiled knife, cut it in squares or small rectangles.
  7. Buon appetito!

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