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Poké, do you already know it?

I met poke for the first time a week ago

I came to know poké while visiting New York with my sister. She told me it is a “fashion” that has just begun, and I saw it with my eyes.

We ate at WiseFish Poké, on 19th street. A long and narrow place with a long table for all. A queue reached half of the place when we entered.

At the cashier a girl that didn’t speak much English (and probably didn’t understand it as well). From the cashier you go onto a small counter where 5 guys work as an assembly line. Two behind cut and prepare the ingredients, and the three at the front compound the pokes according to the orders.

Time to take ours and the queue had reached the sidewalk… people already know it as it was really delicious.

poke poke poke

What is poké

Poké is a Hawaiian dish, and if we want to explain it with a few words it can be considered a salad with raw fish. It resembles oriental food for the soy sauce, sesame, wasabi and raw fish. The ingredients are put into a bowl and the braves eat with chopsticks – I am not able yet, but I will keep trying ;-).

I really loved it. I chose a mix of my own (there are posters on the wall with the choices you can make with a basis of white or brown rice, zucchini noodles or half and half).

When I came back home I couldn’t wait to prepare it by myself. I prepared it for three days in a  row ;-).

I propose you the recipe I invented. Yes, I invented it and you can do the same. Use mine as an idea and add/eliminate ingredients according to your taste and to what you have at home.

Poké is served putting the ingredients in a bowl and the eater will mix it before or while eating.

I prepared a big bowl, because I love it and also because all ingredients are light, healthy and have few calories.

How to prepare poké


1/3 cup brown rice

0.2 oz raw salmon cut in small cubes

1 Tbsp red onion thinly sliced

3 Tbsp grated zucchini

grated carrots

cherry tomatoes

1/3 of a small avocado


sesame seeds toated on a non adherent pan

soy sauce


Put the cooked rice in a bowl nd add the other ingredients, finishing with sesame seeds and chives.

Dress with soy sauce.

Serve with chopsticks or a fork ;-).

Buon appetito!

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